6 bathroom design rules for any bathroom installation

Whatever size, shape or style bathroom you are looking to achieve, there are some design rules that should always be considered before the installation of a new bathroom.

At The Bathroom Studio we have completed elaborate bathroom installations such as the Worcester Town House case study, commercial bathrooms for hotels and smaller cloak rooms for larger regional developments.

This has provided us with the experience required to share a number of bathroom design rules that will help you achieve a successful new bathroom installation.

Rule 1: Floor Space
Always consider the floor space – view it as your canvas to work within. If the bathroom is filled with over-sized products, the room will be difficult to navigate and appear smaller than it actually is.

Application: in some cases a shower over the bath is better than having a separate shower enclosure and bath.

Rule 2: Spacing between products
Consider spacing between products making certain everything can be used comfortably and is easy to access for maintenance and cleaning.

Application: if a vanity unit is too close to a shower enclosure you will not be able to clean between them and if a WC is too close to the wall it will be uncomfortable to use.

Rule 3: Form v Function
Always strike a balance between the look that you want to achieve and achieving practicality, such as easy access for maintenance and cleaning.

Application: a free standing bath pushed into the corner of your room will create a dust trap.

Rule 4: Storage
Make sure you have enough storage for everything that you need.

Application: is a free standing tall unit suitable for your storage requirement or would positioning storage cabinets on a wall work better?

Rule 5: Positioning
Consider where each of your bathroom components would be best positioned.

Application: position your basin against a full height wall allowing for a mirror or cabinet to be installed above it.

Rule 6: Design
Try not to choose products that might date quickly.

Application: lilac bathrooms were cool in the 70’s… enough said.

Whether it’s help in choosing a design style that will stand the test of time, making the best use of space available or choosing products that will make your property developments more saleable, we are here to help.

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Always consider the floor space - view it as your canvas to work within.

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