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Founded in 1748 in the heart of Europe, today a world famous brand. Villeroy & Boch looks back on a rich tradition and has developed a culture from its very beginning. This has resulted in a quality and diversity that cannot fail to impress. Villeroy & Boch products embody classical elegance, the beauty of nature or urban design. Discover a special selection of bathroom collections in four style worlds: Country, Easy, Classic and Metropolitan. Whatever your personal style, with Villeroy & Boch, you can experience culture in your own home.

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The name Villeroy & Boch is a promise. A promise of products whose outstanding quality is evident at first glance. This is because they meet the highest requirements of material and aesthetics in every single detail. Shaped by a deeply rooted culture of innovation, Villeroy & Boch regularly transforms visions into reality. After all, a more than 260 year company history stands for unparalleled experience and skill. These are not only reflected in the selection of high quality materials and in the last critical glance of their experts. But also in impact and scratch resistant ceramics that are outstanding on the strength of their durability, ease of care and excellent hygiene properties. In furniture that has characteristically high quality surface structures and colour plus beautifully sealed edges and corners, and in material innovations such as Quaryl which open up completely new possibilities for the wellness area. Paired with state of the art manufacturing methods, Villeroy & Boch create products that will be a tremendous source of delight from day one, and that will continue to delight for a long time to come.

Whether you want to make the most out of a small amount of space or realize your dream of a large luxurious bathroom. Look forward to the fascinating world of Villeroy & Boch collections and to a bathroom that will add a new dimension to your home. With innovations such as CeramicPlus which is a surface treatment based on nanotechnology that has already been proven a million times over. CeramicPlus keeps your ceramics hygienic and enables quick and easy cleaning whilst using less water and less cleaning agent, dirt is virtually unable to gain a hold and liquids flow off more quickly. Thanks to CeramicPlus ceramic retains its gloss and continues to look like new. Quaryl is another innovation which combines the best properties of natural quartz with the versatility of high quality acrylic resin. Quaryl is colourfast, scratch and impact resistant and with a thickness of upto 18mm, extremely robust.

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