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Discover Japanese bath culture…

Toto has brought the Japanese spirit of innovation to the bathroom – a recipe for success that has made it Japan’s leading supplier of ceramic sanitaryware. Now, TOTO is set to do for bathroom fittings what engineers have already done for electronic entertainment systems using state of the art technology to make everyday life more comfortable and convenient.

Since time immemorial, Japanese bathroom culture has represented the epitome of cleanliness and well being. Above all else, every TOTO bathroom provides not only convenience and functionality but also a haven for relaxation. It is for this reason that TOTO brings together oriental bathroom culture with Western engineering.

Comfort will play an essential role in the bathrooms of tomorrow. That’s because anyone who values first class design attaches the same importance to other aspects of their bathroom. TOTO has developed the perfect solutions to meet these exacting requirements, bringing you the very best that Japanese bathroom culture has to offer.


Japanese design represents quintessential clarity, functionality and minimalism. Its crisp oriental contours are a hallmark of TOTO’s signature design style. The result: High quality technology that you can feel but you can’t see.


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