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Dornbracht Group is a globally family-run manufacturer of high-quality fittings and accessories for bathrooms and Kitchens, the company foundations of competence lie in the areas of design and water. As demands for unique and bespoke products continue to grow, Dornbracht Group continues to design and develop products that can be adapted to an individualised approach to life.


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With this individual approach and end users in mind Dornbracht are continually looking at ways to introduce new designs to the bathroom. Now, thanks to unified design across all of its products, Dornbracht allows for a multi-design, multi-series interplay on a modular basis. Products from different series can be combined with one another and used universally. Referred to as the ‘Sampling’ approach, this configuration service allows individual needs to dictate the design and functional possibilities in each bathroom.

Dornbracht also offers variations for every style of finish. Depending on the series, available finishes can include chrome, platinum, platinum matte, black matte, white matte, champagne and a new luxury finish, Cyprum – produced from 18-carat gold and genuine copper.



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