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Giving bathroom design a contemporary edge for more than a century. It is now 120 years since a pottery factory was founded in the tranquil little Swiss town of Laufen. Since then, this factory has developed into a global manufacturer of bathroom ceramics, and today Laufen is at the forefront of design, quality and function, working with Europe’s leading designers to set new trends in bathroom design.

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Out of the sober Swiss design idea of the early days has grown an international design language that displays both its Swiss roots in terms of quality and influences of the German and Italian design schools. Today, the designer pieces processed from ceramic and the corresponding bathroom fittings made by the company are “made in Switzerland” export favourites worldwide.

Laufen is a true bathroom innovator with ceramic being its primary material of expertise. For 120 years it has been crafting innovations from this material in order to create a very high level of design, functionality and quality. Laufen is one of the few companies that is able to produce very large ceramics, such as washbasins with smooth and flat surfaces and defined edges on an industrial scale. Examples include the ceramic floorstanding Tam Tam washbasin from the ILBAGNO ALESSI One collection which recently celebrated its 10th anniversary, and the 180 centimetre-long washbasins from the Palace and Living Square collections, which can be cut to size to fit into recesses. Laufen also recently launched a patented new ceramic material – SaphirKeramik which allows much finer and sharper edges to be created and blurs the aesthetic lines between ceramic and solid surfaces. Able to achieve edge radii of just 1-2 millimetres, compared to the normal 7-8mmpossible with conventional ceramic, SaphirKeramik brings a whole new level of luxury and cutting edge design to the bathroom at a time when it is very much needed.


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